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my very smart and very talented friend, Samantha, came up with an idea to start a book blog together. since AbsolutelyAleta’s blog could be more focused, and frankly interesting, she agreed to use my established and seasoned blog (even i laughed while typing that) to post our entries. i still will continue to post my musings in between book entries but be on the lookout for more book blogging by Sam and me.

speaking of Sam: she’s a librarian, she’s wicked smart and has a keen sense of humor. i played a small part in her meeting her devoted boyfriend which i milk every chance i get. i met Sam, at work, right after i had moved to Austin. we became fast friends and soon learned we both had a fondness for reading and an occasional gin and tonic.

the first book we will be writing about is “Disgrace” by J. M. Coetzee.  i didn’t know, until i was searching for a recent biography of him for this post, that Mr. Coetzee graduated with a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 1968. that means Coetzee was enrolled during the Charles Whitman rampage. i wonder if that tragedy influenced his writing? something tells me there’s no way it could not have.


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