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on friendship

i have been lucky enough to have been blessed with a multitude of friends in my life, both male and female and i know that sometimes i take them for granted.  i think it’s the times when i’m faced with someone who i regard as a friend and yet whose actions don’t prove that theory that i once again realize the meaning of true friendship.

i hope that i have been a good friend to others in my life. i know i have made a lot of mistakes. i know i have been self-absorbed. i pray that the friends in my life now will always be in my life, although the twists and turns of life don’t always agree.

i am so, so, grateful, to you, my endlessly supportive, forever listening, always caring, ever encouraging, friends. you know who are and i love/thank you.

p.s. this entry was sappy city but it’s my blog and i’ll cry if i want to.


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“i don’t understand boring guys…”*

but he wasn’t one of them. thanks, J.D. peace.

*Holden Caulfied

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Going for a BookSwim

Usually when I’m down to my last book to read I head on over to Goodwill or Saver’s and go through the mountain of used books they have. I refuse to go to Half Price Books unless forced. Personally I feel they charge way too much and also take it as personal offense when they offer me $2 in trade for a brand new hardback, but I digress. So last evening it dawned on me that someone has to have borrowed Netflix’s model and adapted it (bad pun intended) to rent books via mail, and lo and behold, I actually had to decide between two such companies, BookSwim and BooksFree. It wasn’t a tough decision. I simply searched for the 3 books I had on my wish list and BooksSwim had all 3. BooksFree had zero. 1st problem solved.

After reading the always boring but very important terms of agreement I opted for the $23.95 plan which guarantees me 3 books at a time, free S & H, and unlimited books per month. Is this highway robbery? Perhaps. But libraries seem so antiquated and I’m not quite ready to embrace the Kindle (although I admit I did look for a cheap one on Craig’s List). Besides, new books to download for the Kindle are around $9 a piece so already 3 Kindle downloads are more than my rental plan through BookSwim. After I give it a go for a month, I’ll report back on whether I have again, made a foolish, impulsive purchase.

Hey, at least I didn’t buy a 2010 Corolla.

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barrett art

Above is my nephew Barrett’s latest creation. Last year, I was oohing and aahing over his abstract of flowers on a blue background. I thought it was marvelous in it’s simplicity and couldn’t believe he drew it without use of a picture or photo. A friend remarked that it showed a rare restraint, for a child his age, to not go overboard with adding color and lots of objects.

This year, he ventured off of dry land and into a colorful underwater scene . This picture, while definitely more generous in the pen stroke, is remarkable for the depth perception a 6 year old is able to convey. The fish in the background nicely compliment the large fish which commands the space. It amuses me that the fish’s eye almost seems to be looking at down at the tiny fish that is about to become it’s dinner.

Bravo, Barrett!

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mind blender

so my latest food quirk is i’ve started making myself a daily smoothie. when i came up with this radical decision i realized i needed a blender. so after almost purchasing a magic bullet for $60 i came to my financial senses and went to the ever trusty, eloquently named, Big Lots and picked up a nice $20 Hamilton Beach blender. it’s louder than my vacuum but it’s dishwasher safe and has made me a delicious smoothie every day for the past week.

yesterday. opened pantry door. looked past 3rd shelf. gasped in horror. shut door quickly. sheepishly opened door back up. pondered that there are centenarians who probably have better memories than me.

looked at new $20 model and thought to myself, “but this one is dishwasher safe.”

—a footnote:

after polling some people who have read this entry, apparently, my attempt at creative writing has muddled the clarity of the story. the pantry object i gasped at horror at was a blender i had already owned and forgotten about.  hence, the centenarian comment. feedback on how to be a more effective writer, is always welcomed.

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great. now i have to compete with God.

as if the world didn’t need another blogger Pope Benedict (hereinafter known as P. B.) is now encouraging priests to blog and begin using “the latest generation of audiovisual resources.” thanks, P. B.

great timing. i start up my blog again only to be discouraged by do-gooder priests flooding the already highly competitive blogging world. how is my blog, which so far has contained complaining about what i eat, collecting wax and crying over the friendship between two former basketball players, ever going to compete with things like, personal growth, ministry and salvation? you know, writing about stuff that actually means something. thanks, P. B.

honestly, i think it’s great that P. B.  is embracing all the 21st century has to offer. He/he must have approved the kindle version of the bible so i can see it now: virtual priests, holographic chalices, TV screens built into the backs of pews like on airplanes, Pope tweets (sounds like a cereal), animated features about the lives of the saints, and the list goes on and on. thanks, P. B.

you know, the more i think about it, the more i like it. i no longer feel threatened about my blog and all I can say is ‘GO GOD BLOGS!’  thanks, P. B.

no. really. thanks.

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Bird and Magic

I recently devoured “When the Game Was Ours” a memoir of sorts by Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. And I say “of sorts” because one could easily shelve the book under “Self Help”. In many people’s opinions, the work ethic, determination and drive to win by these two stellar players is unparalleled by 95% of players in the NBA today.

For a time in my teens, I was obsessed with the Boston Celtics. I had a large Danny Ainge poster on my wall and can remember being transfixed watching Bird execute those beautiful perimeter shots or passing almost clairvoyantly to Kevin McHale. I’ve always thought Larry Bird was the greatest player that ever lived. Yes, even compared to Michael Jordan in many ways. But after reading this book I realize that without each other, Bird  and Magic would never have become the exquisite players they became.

And despite their rivalry they eventually became very good friends and found a deep respect for each other’s game, when in the past, the other’s talent had angrily exasperated them. Both have come to embrace the fact that they will be inextricably linked. As young men, that fact pissed them off. Today, they cannot imagine their career without the other, and I never thought I’d say it, but neither can I.

I cried at many points in this book. I don’t play basketball or any competitive sports for that matter, but this book will touch anyone who’s ever wanted to win, or better yet, who’s ever secretly wanted to beat someone they especially like and respect. I most liked the descriptions of Larry Bird’s unstoppable will to win, his extreme workout regimes and his uncanny ability to play outstandingly through excruciating pain (see Celtics vs. Trailblazers ’92 regular season game in which Bird scored 47 in double OT) .

Check it out.

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Viva Ballet Folklórico de México!

As a little girl growing up in southern Arizona I can remember desperately wanting a satiny ribbon adorned skirt with yards and yards of colorful fabric just like the little girls who danced folklórico on festival days outside of the Mission San Xavier del Bac. Last Tuesday night at the Long Center I was again envious of the dancers’ luscious costumes and speed at which they dance the traditional dances of Mexico. Although Amalia Hernández’s Ballet Folklórico de México is more than just about dance. It is a retelling of Mexican and Indian history which artfully showcases the intricacies of their customs but, more importantly, the joyful spirit of the people.

Opening with a passionate Aztec dance and concluding with a traditional Jalisco dance (Sombreros on floor. Check.), some dancers wore elaborate 5 foot headpieces and some large papier-mâché puppets, called “mojigangas.” Ballet Folklórico has arranged a solid, beautifully danced program which also just happens to be a heck of a lot of fun. Believe me any show that has me leaving the theatre with a boa of streamers round my neck and sore hands from vigorous clapping has more than done its job.

Again, I was awed by their stamina and pace (most especially in the “zapateado” tapping sequences). Most of them danced in a majority of the pieces and their energy and enthusiasm never waned. The smiles seem almost surgically enhanced. Each piece in the program is a celebration of life, love, and even death as evidenced by the graceful beauty of a “deer” stumbling to his death in the moving “Deer Dance.”

The conjunto jarocho, a four piece folk ensemble, accompanied most of the beginning pieces. The music was simple but powerful and a nice contrast to the mariachis that were to file in for Jalisco finale. In fact, my only negative note would be that I would have liked the mariachis to make an appearance sooner but when the handsome mariachis finally do make their chorus line across the stage they receive a rock star ovation. This is what we’ve been waiting for and Ballet Folklórico delivers. Surprisingly, a single note by a mariachi was held so long he turned a lovely shade of eggplant. Now, that’s the spirit I’m talking about! The final grito “Viva Mexico!” came followed multiple curtain calls and a standing ovation by a very enthusiastic crowd.

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