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so i haven’t been writing much. much? at all. but it’s not exactly writer’s block because i can always find something to ramble about. i really think it’s the same lazy spirit that caused me to quit: viola, swim team, tennis, piano, golf, Brownies (never made it to a girl scout) and sculpting. i just get bored and move on, or rather in this case, i was thinking my readers might be getting bored with me. in any case, thinking back over the hobbies i’ve quit over the years, I thought I would write more of an explanation, mainly for my parent’s sake. after all they paid for most of it.

Viola: i took up viola because a professional orchestra came to my elementary school and had a solo violist. she played a real upbeat jig and i was enthralled. took lessons for a while but hated practicing. i wanted to be outside on my roller skates and hence, my viola playing lasted about as long as that jig.

Swim Team: i was a pretty good swimmer which was probably why i stayed in it as long as i did. the trouble started when i got to high school and promptly realized i wasn’t as good as i thought. the pool of competition got larger and to top it off snotty nosed swimmers would tug at my feet if i was going to slow. couldn’t stand interpersonal conflict at that time, so i quit and joined the drama club. good move, aleta and now i love interpersonal conflict.

Tennis: i always would swat the ball around in my carport and wasn’t half bad. again, delusions of grandeur. took a class as a kid and later tried again as an adult. too much running back and forth but i still managed to get a good shot in every now and then.

Piano: i think i played the piano for about 3 years or so. i know i got through a number of instructional books. had a middle aged piano teacher named Anita who drove a red corvette and had 3 pianos and an organ in her small house. she always parked that damn corvette slanted. my sister ended up playing much better than i and i probably got jealous. i wish i hadn’t quit though.

Golf: tried it as an adult in my early 20’s and then again in my 30’s. was fun but an expensive sport. took every class that the University of Texas offered. i wasn’t half bad but i wouldn’t say i was half good either. needed a ton more practice and started getting lazy about getting my clubs to the range.

Brownies: was a brownie for a month or two. just remember the uniform. can’t remember why i didn’t go into girl scouts. probably because the thought of selling anything makes me break out in a cold sweat.

Sculpting: i took a sculpting class about 3 years ago to keep busy while my boyfriend at the time was acting in a play at night. i did it mainly so he wouldn’t think i was sitting around waiting for him to hang out with me (which, of course, i was). my heart wasn’t in making pots and when he dumped me, i dumped the clay.

now all that being said I have stuck with acting. Went to an audition last week, as a matter of fact. didn’t get it but that just spurs me onto getting the next one.

as for this blog, i’ve gotta be honest, making myself write every day was getting to be a pain and i started rebelling against it. in essence, rebelling against myself, which is pretty stupid. maybe i should try the opposite and tell myself, i can’t do it and then the competitor in me will come raging forth.

all right. done.


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  1. Wow I learned a bunch of stuff I don’t recall I knew about you! Golf….sculpting…etc!

    Comment by Beth | May 11, 2010 | Reply

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