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do cry over spilled oil

for the past two days i’ve walked by a rotting bag of Green Giant vegetables in the hallway of my apartment building. i would surmise it fell out of someone’s grocery bag; vegetables being not the type of snack some brute takes a stroll with and then litters the pavement once gorged.

yet there it is abandoned by my neighbor’s door. broccoli and carrots mating all over the concrete creating some kind of mutant broccot. i even saw my neighbors walk in their apartment chatting about some mundane domestic errand they had just run. they stepped over the broccot, ignoring it as though it was a transient shaking a cup. course, i’ve walked by it too and thought, “why isn’t anyone picking that up?” yeah, i’m proud of myself.

reading about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (which scares and worries me terribly) i couldn’t help but think about that bag in the hall. i’m like everyone else, i don’t want to clean it up. i don’t want to pick up rotting vegetables after spending two hours cleaning my apt. apparently, neither do my neighbors and they actually have to step over them to get through their door. now obviously a bag of vegetables isn’t going to kill plants and animals and destroy cities and towns full of people who depend on the sea for their livelihood but yet it is still unsightly and barbaric to have rotting garbage outside your front door.

hopefully lessons learned from the Exxon disaster will aid in the facilitation of the spill in the gulf. i admire and thank the many people who will emerge as heroes in their efforts to save wildlife. i pray that it can be contained and cleaned up as quickly as humanly possible, although, i realize that could take years.

in the meantime, i have a date with a broom, some broccoli and a trash compactor. it’s about damn time.


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