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enneagram type one

in my experience, ones more often than not:

  • are punctual. they just are. they know their schedule and are on top of it.
  • make lists and are in good control of their finances. ones don’t bounce checks.
  • can apologize easily but can’t compliment others easily.
  • suppress their anger, except when they are alone. i’ve known a lot of ones that clench their teeth to stop themselves from reacting. a lot of ones express it when they are driving and other drivers don’t drive by the rules. that is infuriating to most ones.
  • are judgmental and have a hard time not commenting on other people’s inadequacies. i know a one, who on her vacation, followed a woman to take a picture of the enormity of the woman’s rear end. typical ugly one behavior. however, ones are also sympathetic and are willing to give people credit where credit is due.
  • have clear black and white, right and wrong thinking. i know a one who was obsessed with spike lee’s movie, “do the right thing” just because of the title alone.
  • are dependable, hard workers, but hate to be told they made a mistake. mistakes mean you aren’t perfect and a one strives to be perfect.
  • fun and engaging if you can get them to loosen up.
  • activists. they love to support causes and volunteer.

that’s a small example of some major facets of a one. i’m a one, fortunately and unfortunately but i think i’ve mellowed as i’ve aged and some of the things that i thought were “right” no longer matter.

for more info on the one click here. tomorrow, type two.


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