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la Malagueña from tucson

this was recorded in Tucson at La Fuente, a Mexican restaurant my parents have been taking me and my sisters to since we were children.

La Malagueña also happens to be my favorite Mexican tune and in honor of my ancestors’ independence day, enjoy.


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past work revisited

so in an attempt to clean out my closet and also to satisfy my curiosity about whether i have improved or regressed from some of my earlier writings, i pulled a few pieces from my earlier literary works and will transcribe them here at absolutelyaleta. bear with this short experiment or come back in a few days when i should be back to my present ramblings.

my first interview in 4th grade (i was 9 or 10 years old):

Parent Personality of the Month

“My Supermom” by A.A.G.

I picked my mom because she gives good answers and she is very serious. Her name is Andrea B. Garcia. Her nickname is “Andi.” Her ancestors were from Ireland but her grandparents came to the U.S. in the 1800’s. Her favorite sport is baseball. She was on a softball team. My mom’s favorite team is the New York Yankees because her father took her to see them. She was also on a hockey team. She says she was good in Spanish and Algebra. My mom would like to start college in September.

My mom was born in Connecticut but before she came to Tucson, she lived in NYC and Fairfield, Conn. She likes to go to Monterrey, California, where we will be going this summer. She likes Tucson now, but she still misses the changing seasons.

She likes steak, chicken kiev and lasagna. Her favorite show on TV is “Eight is Enough.” My mom’s favorite animal is dogs and deer. Her hobbies are reading, swimming, and making clay pottery.

She met my dad at the Santa Rita Hotel at a political meeting. She has one brother who works in the art gallery in Washington, D.C. He hires people to work there. My mom has a message for me: “Stay as sweet as you are!”

i’m trying to, Mom. i’m trying.

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breakfast taco rundown

continuing on with my blogging about the many different foods that were consumed over the weekend with my parents, i’d like to mention the breakfast taco. before moving to Texas i had never heard of them. the only tacos i knew were fried and covered with lettuce and cheese. the best in the world being at Mi Nidito in Tucson. this Mexican restaurant is frankly the best Sonora style Mexican food you would ever be blessed to eat. the restaurant has been featured in magazines and food television shows (most recently “Man vs. Food”, see below). it became even more famous after Bill Clinton dined there in ’99 and ate such a monstrous plate that it was crowned, “The President’s Plate.” Madeline Albright and Governor Bruce Babbitt have dined there as well. which makes me wonder what Republicans have against it. probably they are too afraid to venture into south Tucson for fear of those scary latino gangs.

but back to the breakfast taco…3 years ago, i introduced my Mother to one and she’s loved them ever since.  i love them too, especially from Maria’s Taco XPress on S. Lamar. best in Texas. hands down. the key to a good bacon, egg and cheese taco is getting the bacon crackling crispy. another key is not using powdered eggs. i have tried them at Bill Miller’s BBQ and i would swear they are using powdered eggs. ugh.

you know, this is a frightfully boring post. go eat a taco.

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