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defending the bard. finally.

one thing that really irks me  is this ongoing debate to question whether William Shakespeare truly wrote the plays, for which he has been credited, for over 400 years. i realize that when someone does something extraordinary that people naturally will investigate its validity. Mozart has been a target and even poor, in desperate need of a haircut, Einstein. Einstein dissenters play into the ludicrous “confirmation bias” category.

but enough already with poor Will.

and thankfully, one author has decided to write a book where he appears to look fairly at both believers and non-believers arguments. “Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?” by James Shapiro hit stores on April 6th of this year and a review can be found here.

i for one, plan to read it and report back. in truth, i did read the aforementioned review and probably wouldn’t read the book if i didn’t know that he comes to the defense of my beloved Bard.  in any case, this whole subject “wearies me” as Shakespeare would say and i would like to be able to intelligently debate the subject if i’m ever unlucky enough to meet some ding dong that thinks he didn’t write them.

en guard!


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