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the enneagram

i have been studying the enneagram personality system for 12 years. it has helped me understand myself and others. it is almost eerily accurate and when i catch myself behaving in the negative aspects of a type one, i am able to recognize it and try to resist the type’s urges.

most people are their type by age 3 or 4 and it’s best to take enneagram tests thinking as you were in your early 20’s, when the type is most cemented. there have been countless books written on the enneagram but one  i find most helpful for beginners is “everything enneagram book“.

i am beginning a new series here at absolutelyaleta which focuses on the nine types. but instead of describing each type in an abstract way, i thought i would illustrate the type through a story or experience that i’ve had with each. i don’t profess to be an expert and haven’t any license to train others but i have read cover to cover countless books and feel after 12 years that i know enough to comment on the system.

let’s begin.


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