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goodbye bookswim

well, i canceled my bookswim membership this morning. the turnaround time to get books and the monthly cost really didn’t make it worth it. its back to goodwill or the library for me. bookswim tried to stop me by letting me know that they are working on a new delivery method which would cut the wait time in half. hmm? and i bet they’ll charge for it too. nah…my book renting days are over.

i’m back on shore.


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waiting, waiting, waiting, just like Vladimir or Estragon. i am without words on a tangible page.

i mailed my books back to Bookswim two weeks ago and they still haven’t received them. no new books are on their way and i’m forced to reread my bookshelf. no where near a death sentence, but still…

went to the Bookswim website today and saw that i can pay an additional $6.99 (on top of $23.95 per month) to have my books mailed priority mail. awesome! let me get right on that.

again, i must say the pony express was undoubtedly far superior. i hold more faith in bicycles or mopeds. hell, a yak would get my books here faster. i’m afraid my patience is running thin and ding dong, Godot is at the door.

Bookswim, take heed.

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it’s a good thing i know how to tread water

so i returned (mailed) two books back to BookSwim which seems  like ages ago but is probably only 3 weeks or so and am anxiously awaiting the 2 to replace those.

BookSwim just sent me an email a few days ago to let me know they received them! and i can see why they were so excited. what a marvel that USPS is. what’s that BookSwim? if you mail a book at book rates, it only takes about 3 weeks, you say? hell, the pony express would’ve been faster.

but that’s my dumb ol’ fault because, ding, ding, ding, i’m starting to think i may not have thought this whole BookSwim through. i’ve got “The English Patient” sitting on my nightstand but i have to admit, it’s a little…gasp…boring. i may finish it though because i guess i should thank my lucky stars i’m not in a cave dying.

besides those next two books are…gasp…on the way!!!

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Going for a BookSwim

Usually when I’m down to my last book to read I head on over to Goodwill or Saver’s and go through the mountain of used books they have. I refuse to go to Half Price Books unless forced. Personally I feel they charge way too much and also take it as personal offense when they offer me $2 in trade for a brand new hardback, but I digress. So last evening it dawned on me that someone has to have borrowed Netflix’s model and adapted it (bad pun intended) to rent books via mail, and lo and behold, I actually had to decide between two such companies, BookSwim and BooksFree. It wasn’t a tough decision. I simply searched for the 3 books I had on my wish list and BooksSwim had all 3. BooksFree had zero. 1st problem solved.

After reading the always boring but very important terms of agreement I opted for the $23.95 plan which guarantees me 3 books at a time, free S & H, and unlimited books per month. Is this highway robbery? Perhaps. But libraries seem so antiquated and I’m not quite ready to embrace the Kindle (although I admit I did look for a cheap one on Craig’s List). Besides, new books to download for the Kindle are around $9 a piece so already 3 Kindle downloads are more than my rental plan through BookSwim. After I give it a go for a month, I’ll report back on whether I have again, made a foolish, impulsive purchase.

Hey, at least I didn’t buy a 2010 Corolla.

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