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do cry over spilled oil

for the past two days i’ve walked by a rotting bag of Green Giant vegetables in the hallway of my apartment building. i would surmise it fell out of someone’s grocery bag; vegetables being not the type of snack some brute takes a stroll with and then litters the pavement once gorged.

yet there it is abandoned by my neighbor’s door. broccoli and carrots mating all over the concrete creating some kind of mutant broccot. i even saw my neighbors walk in their apartment chatting about some mundane domestic errand they had just run. they stepped over the broccot, ignoring it as though it was a transient shaking a cup. course, i’ve walked by it too and thought, “why isn’t anyone picking that up?” yeah, i’m proud of myself.

reading about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (which scares and worries me terribly) i couldn’t help but think about that bag in the hall. i’m like everyone else, i don’t want to clean it up. i don’t want to pick up rotting vegetables after spending two hours cleaning my apt. apparently, neither do my neighbors and they actually have to step over them to get through their door. now obviously a bag of vegetables isn’t going to kill plants and animals and destroy cities and towns full of people who depend on the sea for their livelihood but yet it is still unsightly and barbaric to have rotting garbage outside your front door.

hopefully lessons learned from the Exxon disaster will aid in the facilitation of the spill in the gulf. i admire and thank the many people who will emerge as heroes in their efforts to save wildlife. i pray that it can be contained and cleaned up as quickly as humanly possible, although, i realize that could take years.

in the meantime, i have a date with a broom, some broccoli and a trash compactor. it’s about damn time.


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Krafty kids make Krafty adults

i’m embarrassed to say, well not that embarrassed or i wouldn’t be blogging about it,  but i still enjoy Kraft Spaghetti quite a bit. it’s nothing but a box of pasta (marketed to kids, i think), a rather chintzy bag of parmesan cheese and some spices. i just add the tomato paste and voila! scrumptious spaghetti the likes of which Romans would be proud.

yeah, right and if you agree with me on that i bet you think Melba toast is a flavorful snack. Kraft Spaghetti is the blandest spaghetti you’d ever want to eat (or not want to eat is more accurate). but the kid in me never quite got over loving Kraft products. i still eat their mac and cheese and it saddens me that they no longer sell their pizza mix. i remember many a friday night making that pizza with my sisters and watching it rise in the oven. after that delight, we traded places shaking and making the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sounds on the stovetop until our beloved Jiffy Pop ballooned.

and thanks to other folks like me, who long for the foods of their youth, i found i can order Kraft Pizza mix from Canada for a steep price of course. but i’m not sure i’m ready to invest that much in reliving my Charlie’s Angels friday nights with the sistahs.

at least i can still whoosh if i wanna. microwave popcorn be damned! the whoosh is all in the wrist.

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conversation hearts

so i’m not much of a candy eater but one candy i still look forward to every year is conversation hearts (valentine’s day is another story).  so yesterday i buy what will be my one and only bag of sugary goodness. after dinner i plop on the couch ready to start feeding that annual heart sweet-tooth and discover that not all conversation hearts are alike. oh, no, these were “Sweethearts” and they were tangy and sour and not the Brach’s kind that i love. i disgustedly spit it out and pondered: were sweethearts really something that needed to be tweaked? is this really a candy that needed to be improved upon? it’s sugar and some food coloring.


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breakfast taco rundown

continuing on with my blogging about the many different foods that were consumed over the weekend with my parents, i’d like to mention the breakfast taco. before moving to Texas i had never heard of them. the only tacos i knew were fried and covered with lettuce and cheese. the best in the world being at Mi Nidito in Tucson. this Mexican restaurant is frankly the best Sonora style Mexican food you would ever be blessed to eat. the restaurant has been featured in magazines and food television shows (most recently “Man vs. Food”, see below). it became even more famous after Bill Clinton dined there in ’99 and ate such a monstrous plate that it was crowned, “The President’s Plate.” Madeline Albright and Governor Bruce Babbitt have dined there as well. which makes me wonder what Republicans have against it. probably they are too afraid to venture into south Tucson for fear of those scary latino gangs.

but back to the breakfast taco…3 years ago, i introduced my Mother to one and she’s loved them ever since.  i love them too, especially from Maria’s Taco XPress on S. Lamar. best in Texas. hands down. the key to a good bacon, egg and cheese taco is getting the bacon crackling crispy. another key is not using powdered eggs. i have tried them at Bill Miller’s BBQ and i would swear they are using powdered eggs. ugh.

you know, this is a frightfully boring post. go eat a taco.

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Blue Bayou Blues

after a couple of nights of delicious, but heavy gourmet dining, my parents, who dropped in from tucson for the weekend, opted for much more casual fare last evening at Cheddar’s Restaurant. my mother ordered their Monte Cristo sandwich, at which upon being served, she immediately remarked, “this is like at Disneyland.”

ah…the Blue Bayou (BB) restaurant… located at the start of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride. Never has a restaurant been so ingrained in my mind like the BB. it is my favorite restaurant in all the world. what i wouldn’t give to be sitting there right now watching the boats go by as the lantern lights twinkle. i wish i could adequately describe the ambiance but i could never succeed. i vividly remember the smells, sounds, room temperature…everything… like it was last week.

as a child we went numerous times to Disneyland and no trip was ever complete without one of their world famous Monte Cristo sandwiches. not to mention multiple trips on the Pirates ride (usually before eating the fried, powdered sugar, concoction). the funny thing is, i don’t even like Monte Cristos, unless i’m at The Blue Bayou.

c’est magnifique!

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i hate the food i eat

the title of today’s entry is a lyric from “The Police” song, “When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around”, which has to be one of the longest song titles in the history of music. which got me thinking about what is the longest song title and there is some debate but allegedly it is a 1974 song by the group, “Faces”:

You Can Make Me Dance Sing Or Anything (Even Take The Dog For A Walk, Mend A Fuse, Fold Away The Ironing Board, Or Any Other Domestic Shortcomings.)

it also might just be the silliest song title ever considering why would walking the dog or putting away the ironing board be a shortcoming? gee, if i could find someone to iron my clothes i would name a star after them. my Mother has an ironer. an ironer. she hires a woman to iron my Father’s shirts. not a dry cleaners but a woman named Betty who irons in her home for money. how old fashioned is that? Betty is a dying breed. but as usual, i digress.

i’m tired of eating the same food. it seems like every 20 minutes we discover new plants and lizard species, but produce remains relatively unchanged in the last 30 years. why has no one has discovered a new relative of the green bean or a distant cousin of the banana?  we tinker with recipes and new chefs pop up on tv at light speed (i.e., Chef Ming, Rick Bayless, Lidia) but as far as discovering an entirely new food, nothing.

maybe it’s too much to hope for. i’m going to find new ways to love the food i eat. i’ve stayed relatively loyal to applesauce and pears and i enjoy a good pasta when i get it. notice i didn’t say when i make it. plus i should be happy that i have food to eat, right? right. yeah! I LOVE THE FOOD I EAT AND QUIT YOUR WHINING, STING!

yeah. easy to say, hard to do. Sting’s got a personal chef and i have endless circles around the produce aisles dejectedly sighing until i pick up that zuccini and think, “wonder if he has a brother?”

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