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sug’s dexterity dims

one of my dog sugar’s favorite things to do has always been to play fetch. for the last 15 years i’ve kept a steady supply of tennis balls on hand so that inside or out we could always tire her out a bit. now in her golden years ball chasing has become a bit of a challenge. she can’t jump at all like she used to. when she was 1 years old, she was dubbed “best jumper in her class” by the obediance instructor and even up until 1.5 years ago she was still a very agile jumper.

so this morning, we decide to play. well, sugar decided we were playing. so in order to make more room in this 720 sq. ft. apt. i pushed the coffee table flush with the couch. unfortunately, things got a little out of hand. see i forget, and so does sugar, that she’s old and has arthritis. so she was running around with the ball and then i started chasing her to pretend to try and get the ball back and she jumped on top of the coffee table trying to get away. she slipped and fell down and my heart broke. because in the old days she would’ve made that jump and got away. instead she was scared and confused as to why she fell.

i should know better than to play with her like that. she also has vestibular disease and gets disoriented easily anyway.

these last few years with her are going to be tough.



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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Sug’s recent aging whoas. As Gram used to say, “It’s hell getting old.” She still looks gorgeous though. Poor Beauty has gone deaf in the last year. She’s on 2 medications for kidney problems and arthritis. She never chased a ball so it’s no big deal but she does fall alot.

    Comment by Andrea | March 30, 2010 | Reply

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