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more fun from the office manager files. last week an employee came up to my desk and whispered, “can i talk to you about something?” now, when this guy whispers, i know it’s serious, since his booming voice can be heard from miles away.  so he laid it on me. thankfully not literally.

“there are these deodorant things in the urinals and when i pee, i end up getting splashed on. it gets on my clothes and even on the walls sometimes. it’s really bothersome to go back to my desk with wet clothes on, so can something be done about it?”

now aside from another round of toliet training for him, my only choice was to call building management to ask them to remove, what i’ve now learned are called, urinal deodorant cakes.


after my building representative finished laughing her head off, she told me she’d have the male custodians do some quality assurance testing of their current brand of deodorant cakes. apparently, splashing did ensue because she later called to tell me the cakes had been removed and they were investigating an alternative brand.

let’s hope this one comes with a splash guard and free copies of:



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  1. hilarious! I saw a coworker one day with wet pants b/c the malfuctioning urinal sprays water back at you when you flush. Aww the things you have to field Aleta.

    Comment by Robby | April 2, 2010 | Reply

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