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continuing my weekend series of posting past work; this is an earlier piece from ’99 that i wrote and performed. watching antique furniture experts Leigh and Leslie Keno on Antiques Roadshow last weekend made me think of it.

Keno Bros

Sometimes I imagine, I’m an antique and I walk into the Roadshow. Leigh sees me first and starts jumping up and down and pointing. He screams, “Leslie, Leslie, come over here. Wait till you see the incredible condition of this.” Leslie calmly walks over and says “Leigh, look at the superb workmanship, the fine finish, the inlay of these lovely curves, and the long, slender legs. And they lead to these perfectly arched feet. Think of the hours, Leslie, it took to design and build this.”

They both take out their starched white gloves so they can inspect me more closely and with extreme care. They lay their hands over my entire perimeter while commenting on the detail, color, the fluidity and smoothness of my vessel. They step back in marvelment, adjust their silk ties and then Leigh whispers to his brother, “its almost impossible to appraise such a masterpiece of beauty and perfection.”

Try boys, try.


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  1. You’re either such a nerd or you REALLY have the hots for these twin brothers. Bordering on erotic this posting is!

    Comment by Beth | March 9, 2010 | Reply

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