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yesterday i’m sitting in the dentist’s chair awaiting Dr. D to give me a thumbs up so i can get my sparkly clean teeth back to work. my dental hygienist is a talker so i was praying she wouldn’t bring up a topic. but alas she mentioned the cold weather and her heating bill.  Dr. D. couldn’t wait to jump in on that and he said something like this:

“Okay. I’m just going to say this. I mean, it’s going to sound really weird and I probably shouldn’t mention it and you guys aren’t going to understand but I think I’m just going to say it and take my chances and what the heck.”

so i’m thinking oh, my God. what is he going to tell us about home heating that needs such a pointed introduction? is he stealing his electricity? does he heat his home so that it stays at a sauna like level at all times? does he sleep in flannel pajamas with feet (i envision toothbrushes and happy teeth all over them) to save on heating bills? no. not quite. he takes a deep breath and says:

“In my wife’s home, her heating bill….”

apparently, Dr. D’s wife stays in her own “green” home from M-Th and moves in with Dr. D. on the weekends. he seems quite satisfied with the arrangement. hmm? i can see her being satisfied but him? anyhow, i think it’s modern and awesome and hell’s bells they’ve probably been married 40 years or something.

nice going, Dr. D. now shut up and look at my teeth.


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  1. Funny back in my youth I would have said that this couple was insane. Now not so much.

    Comment by Alex Garcia | March 7, 2010 | Reply

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