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in the past week or so i’ve watched a couple of trailers for movies my ex-husband has acted in recently. yeah, yeah, i googled him. come on, don’t look at my post like that. i haven’t seem him in 10 years, i wanted to see how he’s aged. it’s a natural curiosity. personally, i have never wanted to make that jump from stage to screen for a number of reasons. one, i’m impatient and movie acting is a lot of waiting around (or so i’m told), two, i can’t stand to watch myself onscreen, let alone hear my voice played back, and three, i just don’t have the skin for it. complexion wise or self-esteem wise. one snotty comment from some casting director or internet blog post and i’d be a blubbering mess. i don’t know, maybe not.  i forget i’m not 15 sometimes.

most of my uber talented actor friends have done movie work too. my friend beth just went to a screening of a film she did called, “Upon a Midnight Clear” and my other friend, rebecca, completed “The Retelling” which just had it’s premiere this past weekend in Dallas (watch for the brown short haired woman in the trailer below). congratulations, beth and rebecca for having the patience, perseverance and guts to do what i don’t!


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  1. Aleta – you are WAY too generous with praise, number one…and two – you are way too modest with your own amazing self. You have more guts than most everyone I know. Thanks for the love though…

    Comment by Trixie | March 6, 2010 | Reply

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