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Krafty kids make Krafty adults

i’m embarrassed to say, well not that embarrassed or i wouldn’t be blogging about it,  but i still enjoy Kraft Spaghetti quite a bit. it’s nothing but a box of pasta (marketed to kids, i think), a rather chintzy bag of parmesan cheese and some spices. i just add the tomato paste and voila! scrumptious spaghetti the likes of which Romans would be proud.

yeah, right and if you agree with me on that i bet you think Melba toast is a flavorful snack. Kraft Spaghetti is the blandest spaghetti you’d ever want to eat (or not want to eat is more accurate). but the kid in me never quite got over loving Kraft products. i still eat their mac and cheese and it saddens me that they no longer sell their pizza mix. i remember many a friday night making that pizza with my sisters and watching it rise in the oven. after that delight, we traded places shaking and making the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sounds on the stovetop until our beloved Jiffy Pop ballooned.

and thanks to other folks like me, who long for the foods of their youth, i found i can order Kraft Pizza mix from Canada for a steep price of course. but i’m not sure i’m ready to invest that much in reliving my Charlie’s Angels friday nights with the sistahs.

at least i can still whoosh if i wanna. microwave popcorn be damned! the whoosh is all in the wrist.


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  1. I loved pizza when I discovered it in the US. My parents refused to keep buying frozen or otherwise, so I made pizza out of toast, crossaints, and even biscuits. Kraft Mac and Cheese is so bland but it draws me in every time too?

    Comment by Alex Garcia | March 7, 2010 | Reply

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