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’60s horror movie trailer? think again.

prior to American marketers obtaining this film in 1965, this film was a serious look at Parisian racial prejudices when released in France in 1961 under the title “Les lâches vivent d’espoir”.  unfortunately, the American Film Distribution Corporation, which also distributed other ’60s gems like, “The Stud Farm”, “The Case of the Stripping Wives” and “Madame Olga’s Massage Parlor” apparently wanted to give this interracial love story a tabloid twist in order to get teen boys to drive their Impalas into the drive-in so they can cop a feel when their date shrieks in terror. i have a hard time believing it worked since the movie is more Lifetime Television than horror flick.

in any case, the trailer couldn’t be more timely after all the brouhaha surrounding John Mayer’s comments in a magazine interview. apparently, only certain skin colors can qualify as a wonderland for ol’ John. and its likely that that sentiment is held by many. i found an interesting article at Salon examining why so many people still aren’t color blind when it comes to falling in love with someone out of their own race.

as a multiracial woman (caucasian/hispanic), i have not dated anyone outside of my own race and according to the Salon article i’m clearly not alone. in any case, i believe i would have no problem raising a child from another race.  double standard? possibly, but romantic love and maternal love are familial but distinctive. honestly, i have no problem with interracial relationships when it comes to other people but for myself, at this moment, i’d still prefer to watch Halle Berry in reruns of “The Wedding” on Lifetime.

and i’ve always hated John Mayer’s music so that counts for something, right?


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  1. Interesting topic ;o)

    Comment by Beth | February 22, 2010 | Reply

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