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a letter to james cameron

dear mr. cameron,

i made it to your movie today. see i was off work because of President’s Day and i thought that it was time i made it to “the movie” of the century…well at least of the decade. my opinion? funny you should ask. in a nutshell, its a neat little flick to look at. shucks, monet’s paintings would look completely grey compared to the kaleidoscope of color that explodes on screen in “Avatar”. and when i say ‘little flick’ don’t get me wrong. it’s little in no way, shape or form. it’s long clocking in at 2:45, it’s in 3D for God’s sake, and it’s a digital extravaganza for the visual and auditory senses. let me clairify. auditory because of the soundtrack, not the dialogue. more on that below.

it seems we’ve learned nothing when we stole the indians land and by golly, we’re going to do it again on Pandora (it’s the name of the planet in “Avatar” for my incarcerated readers). so “Avatar” is at it’s core a war movie. and God knows if there is one movie genre i can’t stand, it’s war movies. but i’m willing to overlook those 40 minutes of battle scenes because the rest is stunning. BUT Mr. Cameron, you and George Lucas have a few things in common. you’re both genuises, you’re both billionaires and you both need to cut the cord and turn over the writing of your dialogue to someone who knows language.  someone who can pump originality into what your characters say. (unfortunately, you’re too late for Salinger)

i like your characters! i do! i just want them to say something besides, “science is an observation”, OR “one life dies, another life begins” OR “i see you.” really? they see each other? one life dies, one begins? my 6 year old nephew is more profound.

i’m not sorry i paid my $22 (ticket + parking) for your film. i don’t want my money back. i don’t want you to stop making movies. i just want you to give some young writer a chance to really observe you and see your vision and have a character say something that would make me cry. and believe me that’s not hard to do. i cried in “Star Trek” for crying out loud. that’s a redundant sentence. see? don’t hire me.

instead, picture this: young screenwriter meeting with the great james cameron. he/she sees you. you see he/she. you think for he/she. he/she writes for you.





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  1. I kind of liked it, but my expectations were extremely low going in. I so hated Titanic. The action films are better.

    Comment by Samantha | February 15, 2010 | Reply

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