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even the Wings couldn’t save Hooters

looks like the Hooters chain has found themselves in a bit of a financial pickle. yes, even those spicy wings and waitresses weren’t enough to keep them from putting the chain on the market for $250 million.  now, i’m not inclined to feel too sorry for ol’ Hooters after that stupid attempt to copy Virgin airlines by creating Hooters Air in ’03 (it went under in ’06). i suspect the main reason they went bankrupt was their astronomical insurance premiums for their flight attendants who kept contracting pneumonia from wearing those shorty shorts at 30,000 feet. but that’s all hush hush.

here’s a couple of money-saving ideas for the future new owners of Hooters, courtesy of absolutelyaleta:

  1. Ditch the mascot and save on t-shirt ink. Owls have never been and never will be sexy. and yeah, i get the restaurant name’s tied to the mascot, but i think we all know they didn’t come up with the name Hooters because they love owls.
  2. Hire male waiters and put them only in orange boxers. Expand your market: women like wings too.
  3. Pay waitresses to go out with the dumb guys that slip them phone numbers and claim the dates under charitable expenses.

best of luck, Hooters. i’m hooooting for you!


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