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Blue Bayou Blues

after a couple of nights of delicious, but heavy gourmet dining, my parents, who dropped in from tucson for the weekend, opted for much more casual fare last evening at Cheddar’s Restaurant. my mother ordered their Monte Cristo sandwich, at which upon being served, she immediately remarked, “this is like at Disneyland.”

ah…the Blue Bayou (BB) restaurant… located at the start of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride. Never has a restaurant been so ingrained in my mind like the BB. it is my favorite restaurant in all the world. what i wouldn’t give to be sitting there right now watching the boats go by as the lantern lights twinkle. i wish i could adequately describe the ambiance but i could never succeed. i vividly remember the smells, sounds, room temperature…everything… like it was last week.

as a child we went numerous times to Disneyland and no trip was ever complete without one of their world famous Monte Cristo sandwiches. not to mention multiple trips on the Pirates ride (usually before eating the fried, powdered sugar, concoction). the funny thing is, i don’t even like Monte Cristos, unless i’m at The Blue Bayou.

c’est magnifique!


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  1. Ahh the monte cristo. So bad, but ohh so good!

    Comment by Robby | February 1, 2010 | Reply

  2. I did enjoy that ride also as a child, I remember that part where you are in the dark for a few seconds and drop rapidly and get splashed a little. Of course back then the ride was just “Pirates” I do remember it being my dirt ride there as a child. I hope to go to that resaurant someday. And btw you introduced me to the Monte-christo sandwich at Cheddars!

    Comment by Alex Garcia | February 5, 2010 | Reply

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