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Going for a BookSwim

Usually when I’m down to my last book to read I head on over to Goodwill or Saver’s and go through the mountain of used books they have. I refuse to go to Half Price Books unless forced. Personally I feel they charge way too much and also take it as personal offense when they offer me $2 in trade for a brand new hardback, but I digress. So last evening it dawned on me that someone has to have borrowed Netflix’s model and adapted it (bad pun intended) to rent books via mail, and lo and behold, I actually had to decide between two such companies, BookSwim and BooksFree. It wasn’t a tough decision. I simply searched for the 3 books I had on my wish list and BooksSwim had all 3. BooksFree had zero. 1st problem solved.

After reading the always boring but very important terms of agreement I opted for the $23.95 plan which guarantees me 3 books at a time, free S & H, and unlimited books per month. Is this highway robbery? Perhaps. But libraries seem so antiquated and I’m not quite ready to embrace the Kindle (although I admit I did look for a cheap one on Craig’s List). Besides, new books to download for the Kindle are around $9 a piece so already 3 Kindle downloads are more than my rental plan through BookSwim. After I give it a go for a month, I’ll report back on whether I have again, made a foolish, impulsive purchase.

Hey, at least I didn’t buy a 2010 Corolla.


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  1. Hey there nice to read your blogs once again I missed them! Good luck I always liked Book Swim they were slow at times but ok. Hope all is well Love Ya!

    Comment by steph | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  2. I have found audible.com the most amazing deal. I much prefer an audiobook mp3 becase it allows me to drive and walk an do other things. For $22 a month you get 2 books, and you get 2 right off the bat. You get to keep them for life and Download to any mp3 or phone or computer. Just my suggestion ps: the first 3 months it’s $15

    Comment by Alex Garcia | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  3. Seriously? you read 3 books in one month??!!

    Comment by Beth | January 29, 2010 | Reply

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