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Above is my nephew Barrett’s latest creation. Last year, I was oohing and aahing over his abstract of flowers on a blue background. I thought it was marvelous in it’s simplicity and couldn’t believe he drew it without use of a picture or photo. A friend remarked that it showed a rare restraint, for a child his age, to not go overboard with adding color and lots of objects.

This year, he ventured off of dry land and into a colorful underwater scene . This picture, while definitely more generous in the pen stroke, is remarkable for the depth perception a 6 year old is able to convey. The fish in the background nicely compliment the large fish which commands the space. It amuses me that the fish’s eye almost seems to be looking at down at the tiny fish that is about to become it’s dinner.

Bravo, Barrett!


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  1. Aleta,

    He does a great job for a six year old. I have a similar work of his from his water phase called pirannah (sp?).

    I know as his great uncle that I am biased but I think that he has some talent and an eye. e also does a great job building Legos etc.

    Keep on blogging, I am enjoying them.


    Comment by Jerry | January 26, 2010 | Reply

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