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so my latest food quirk is i’ve started making myself a daily smoothie. when i came up with this radical decision i realized i needed a blender. so after almost purchasing a magic bullet for $60 i came to my financial senses and went to the ever trusty, eloquently named, Big Lots and picked up a nice $20 Hamilton Beach blender. it’s louder than my vacuum but it’s dishwasher safe and has made me a delicious smoothie every day for the past week.

yesterday. opened pantry door. looked past 3rd shelf. gasped in horror. shut door quickly. sheepishly opened door back up. pondered that there are centenarians who probably have better memories than me.

looked at new $20 model and thought to myself, “but this one is dishwasher safe.”

—a footnote:

after polling some people who have read this entry, apparently, my attempt at creative writing has muddled the clarity of the story. the pantry object i gasped at horror at was a blender i had already owned and forgotten about.  hence, the centenarian comment. feedback on how to be a more effective writer, is always welcomed.


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  1. So you are saying that it is an ugly machine?

    Comment by Alexander | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. What was in the cabinet? A roach or something. I always gasp in horror when i find bugs too 🙂 Kidding

    Comment by Robby | January 29, 2010 | Reply

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