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great. now i have to compete with God.

as if the world didn’t need another blogger Pope Benedict (hereinafter known as P. B.) is now encouraging priests to blog and begin using “the latest generation of audiovisual resources.” thanks, P. B.

great timing. i start up my blog again only to be discouraged by do-gooder priests flooding the already highly competitive blogging world. how is my blog, which so far has contained complaining about what i eat, collecting wax and crying over the friendship between two former basketball players, ever going to compete with things like, personal growth, ministry and salvation? you know, writing about stuff that actually means something. thanks, P. B.

honestly, i think it’s great that P. B.  is embracing all the 21st century has to offer. He/he must have approved the kindle version of the bible so i can see it now: virtual priests, holographic chalices, TV screens built into the backs of pews like on airplanes, Pope tweets (sounds like a cereal), animated features about the lives of the saints, and the list goes on and on. thanks, P. B.

you know, the more i think about it, the more i like it. i no longer feel threatened about my blog and all I can say is ‘GO GOD BLOGS!’  thanks, P. B.

no. really. thanks.


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