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Every little step

i just watched the documentary, “Every Little Step” on the audition process for the 2006 revival of  “A  Chorus Line”.  it really is a comprehensive retelling of how the show was conceived and choreographed in 1975 by Michael Bennett, who many have called a genius, and how it became to epitomize the Broadway show. for me watching these actors/singers/dancers, you have to excel at all three nowadays, was hard for me to watch. i mean haven’t to been to an audition that was even a quarter of that size but i felt 100% of their pain. well, maybe not their physical pain, since God knows, i can’t dance.

in the commentary the composer, Marvin Hamlisch talks about how difficult the audition process is: “there doesn’t seem to be a better way. this is always the way it is. people come in, they want it desparately and when it’s all over, it’s all about how good a day and if they are even right for the part. and it’s so painful to tell someone, who’s really good, that they just aren’t right. it’s just the wrong fit that day.”

ain’t that the truth. that’s why i never went to New York. i’m confident about whether or not i can act but being told over and over you aren’t right for the part would wear on anyone’s psyche. i applaud these NYC actors that go to these grueling auditions and go back and do it again, day after day. i couldn’t do it when i was younger. i cared too much about it. now i just enjoy the process of creating a character and not at all about whether i am consistently cast in shows.

two other things that struck me about this film. one is that i realized i have never seen a live production of “A Chorus Line.” growing up in the 70’s my sisters and i played this album incessantly. i knew every word to every song. i saw the movie made of it but i never have actually seen it on stage. very strange that i would love something so and never go to see it done. maybe it’s telling.

second is that michael bennett died of AIDS in my home town. he went to Tucson for treatment and he was so ill that he couldn’t fly back to NY so he bought a house where he could look at the mountains and four months later he was dead. i wonder on that day he died, if i was just a few miles away singing along to “At the Ballet” and thinking that someday, i hope i get it.


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