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Last laugh

is it hard to think of something new everyday to write about? i hadn’t really thought about it but now that my friend Leah mentions it, i suppose that yes, i should be worried. i mean, i’m not exactly a Jonas Brother (thank God) or can Tweet about my heart condition, like Liz Taylor.

let’s face it, i’m your ordinary, run of the mill, homo sapien. excitment isn’t exactly my middle name. my weekends are filled with laundry, cleaning and walking the dog. i have no health problems or children to discuss like so many parents seem to want to do.

okay, okay. i’m a boring person.

but that leaves me with a lot of free time to consider things you busy people are too busy to consider. to listen to things that a person with a life couldn’t even take in one ear. to boldly go where no man…well, that may be pushing it.

yes, leah. i could run out of things to talk about. it could happen. it’s likely to happen but when it does, i’ll write something, like today, and fool all you fellow homo sapiens into thinking you’ve read something interesting, when you really haven’t. HA!


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  1. Great……I needed that!

    Comment by steph | October 17, 2009 | Reply

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