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that which we would call Sugar…has more than 20 names.

Sugar is my dog of 14 years and if you didn’t know that, then you must not know me. on walk #1 of 4 this morning, i thought about the tireless number of names that i’ve assigned her over the years. i realize after watching “The Dog Whisperer” that Sugar doesn’t speak English so i doubt that she’s had an identity problem that she’s grappled with and considered therapy for, which is more than i can say for me. joking. i’m joking. i’ve never had an identity problem or considered…uh, just forget it.

my name is almost impossible to nickname or jazz up, so to speak. i’ve had some people try but the nicknames usually don’t stick so here’s my very short list:

  • “aliter” given to me by my 1st swim coach. in honor, he said, of the metric system
  • “leetie” coined by my wonderful mother. used more throughout my childhood then now and rightfully so
  • “leech” lovingly named by my sister, angie, who thoroughly enjoyed calling me that in front of her pack of snooty high school friends
  • “leets” also given to me by angie, primarily used in her Christmas cards to me
  • “aletes” sarcastically given to me by a friend who does not appreciate me adding an “s” to the end of his name

there you have it. see? try as you may, Aleta, affords very little nameplay. blame it on the Greeks.

sugar on the other hand has a substantial list. all interchangable and used frequently, depending on the circumstance and my mood. some of these were given to her by others and i won’t provide descriptions and anecdotes on where they came from but it’s a fun list and you might, just might, have a chuckle.  say some of them out loud and your chuckle odds improve greatly. so here’s to Sugar and her many identities:

  • Sug
  • Sugar Pie
  • Shuggie
  • Skoog
  • Skoogie
  • Skeegie
  • Skeeter
  • Scooter
  • Scooner
  • Precious girl
  • Precious babe
  • Footsie
  • Baby girl
  • Ding dong
  • Sugarsan
  • Sugarsama
  • Missy
  • Stinky Winky
  • Bad girl
  • Babykins
  • Baby
  • Mama’s baby
  • Furry babeSugar

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